Fast and Furious Ringtones & Theme Music Collection

Fast and Furious 7 the movie of the year, which had been welcomed by the furious fans with tears. For a movie to make 7 consecutive successful series, each of which bagged the best box office records, is not something humanly to achievable. Great heroes, amazing stunts, expensive cars and good story..etc there are many things which worked for Fast and fusious to make it such a huge in the box office. Fast and furious 07 also had another element that, the hero who came through these movie series and became the favorite of millions from all around the world, Mr. Paul Walker, passed away when this movie was on half way through of it’s shooting.
We at BananaFry deecate this post to all beloved Paul Walker fans. THe exclusive ringtone collection from the movie, fusrious 7.
Fast and Furious 7 – 2015
Directed by  – James Wan
Vin Diesel – Dominic Toretto
Paul Walker – Brian O’Conner
Jason Statham – Deckard Shaw
Michelle Rodriguez – Letty
Jordana Brewster – Mia

Bassnectar – Now ft. Rye Rye Fast and Furious 7 Ringtone

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