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Brock Lesnar Ringtones & WWE Theme Songs

Brock Lesnar or the beast doesn’t need any artistic explanations to convey his strength. He has proven it many times that he is the hardest nut in WWE to crack. Brock Lesnar who made his presence in WWE with a tag line of “Here Comes the Pain”.

Brock Lesnar’s introduction theme music –Titantrone Next Big Thing has always had successfully made the right ambiance for this beast’s welcome. This makes this music one of the best options for WWE fans to make it a ringtone in their android and iPhone smartphones.

1. Brock Lesnar Entrance Music – Titantrone Next Big Thing Mp3 Ringtone

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2. Brock Lesnar Entrance Music Full Song – Titantrone Next Big Thing Mp3

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3. Brock Lesnar Entrance Music Drum Edition By Fan – Titantrone Next Big Thing Mp3

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Like always BananaFry is so happy to provide Brock Lesnar ringtones for our visitors. Also as a per or token of live, we are giving you some Wow facts about Lesnar. Know the unknown side of this deadly beast.

Brock Lesnar with Wife

1. Lesnar and Records: Brock Lesnar is a man of breaking different world records in professional wrestling. One unique and not easily breakable world record by the beast is world champion in 5 different international professional wrestling authorities.

2. The Youngest and Strongest: When Lesnar became the WWE world champion at the age of 25, Lesnar was the youngest champion in the history of that title.

3. Family: Lesnar has 4 kids, 2 with his wife Sable and another two with his x-fiancée, Nicole McClain.

4. Politics: Lesnar is a member of National Rifle Association and a supporter of Republican Party.

5. Beast’s Addiction:  Lesnar was allegedly addicted to alcohol and pain killers during his WWE career. I says Lesnar used to consume one full bottle vodka every day and hundreds of pain killers every month to over come his pain.

6. Lost Memory: Reports say that due to heavy alcohol and pain killer consumption Lesnar doesn’t remember his entire 2 years of WWE career.

7. Lesnar got Arrested: Police arrested Lesnar in 2001 for carrying large amounts of steroids. Which later on was dropped when his lawyer was able to prove that those were lgal steroids used for body building.

How was the read? Wasn’t that worth? Now lets enjoy the ringtones.

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