John Cena – WWE Theme Songs & Ringtones – Free Download

John Cena Ringtones & WWE Theme Songs
John Cena Ringtones & WWE Theme Songs

John Cena  WWE Entrance Song Theme Music Download and Ringtones for Free Download : One of the most demanded tickets our team has received so far. This WWE professional wrestler  and superstar has got some awesome list of entrance music which has great scopes of being an Mp3 ringtone for Iphone and android smartphones.

Here is our collection of John Cena Ringtones

01. John Cena My Time is Now Mp3 Ringtone Download

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02. Joh Cena You Can’t See Me Mp3 Ringtone Download

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As usual like every ringtones we provide, we would like to bring more values to this post and opportunity for the hardcore Cena fans. We are going to share 9 awesome and rarely known facts that could make you have a
jaw dropping impression.

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9 Awesome Facts About John Cena Facts

1. Real Name: The real name of our super star is John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.

2. Secret Behind Number 54: Most of the Cena Merchandise, we can see the 54 the highest used jersey number for Cena and there is a reason behind it.  That was Cena college football team jersey number, which Cena still considers as his lucky number.

3. An Inspiring Career: After completing graduation is exercise physiology he chose his career in professional bodybuilding. Also Cena had worked as driver in a Limousine company.

4. The reason behind online death spams: Cena made a ring rivalry with  Carlito Caribbean Cool which even went outside the ring. In a nightclub near Boston some alleged reports says that Cena got stabbed in the kidney by Carlito’s bodyguard and this caused Cena to stay away from the action for one month. This was the beginning of Cena death news spam serieses. After that the online community has successfully killed this Wrestling superstar multiple times.

5. The spinner WWE Champion Belt: After defeating JBL, Cena became the WWE champion for the first time but JBL took off the champion’s belt and was not ready to give. That’s when the authority decided to design a new spinning belt for Cena.

6. The Biggest Injury: In 2007 while being in action against Mr.Kennedy in the ring Cena met with severe injury. During the emergency surgery doctors found that the muscle that connects chest and biceps (pectoralis ) got completely ripped of from the born. This caused Cena to take a break of around one year from action.

7. Record breaking champion: Cena has a record of being the WWE champion for the most number of times (Nine times)

8. You Can’t See Me: The debut music album by John Cena “You Can’t See Me” was a huge hit and the this recorder with Cena’s cousin Tha Trademarc.

9. Full form of “FU”: The finishing move of Cena which is also known “FU” has got an interesting full form, that is “Standing Fireman’s Carry Takeover”.

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