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CM Punk Theme Songs and Ringtones

CM Punk’s theme song ‘Cult of Penalty’ is got something special within it, which has helped this super star to build up a rebel attitude when ever he comes to ring. Here are our visitors sourced collection of CM Punk WWE entrance music mp3 ringtone collection for download.

01. CM Punk Theme Music Ringtone: Cult of Penalty

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02. CM Punk Theme Music Ringtone 02 : Cult of Penalty

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Like always we would like to share something interesting with our beloved visitors. We want you to enjoy more than just the ringtone downloads.

Here are Five Lesser Known Facts about CM Punk

1. Professional wrestler, Mixed Martial Artist, Actor, UFC Champion..etc more than all these action packed titles, Punk is also known for another profession, any clue ablot that? CM Punk is a well known American comic book writer as well.

2. The real name of CM Punk is Phillip Jack “Phil” Brooks.

3. Punk has the world record of holding the WWE champion title for the longest time (434 Days) after 1988.

4. CM Punk is a complete atheist, who is active with many black hawk association activities.

5. Punk is the one who wrote the hard cover introduction for Marvel Comics 2012 Avengers vs X-men.

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