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12 Breaking Bad Mp3 Ringtones Free Download for Android and iPhone

Breaking-Bad-MP3-Ringtone-Free-DownloadBreaking bad mp3 ringtones for android and i Phone are one of the most demanding requests and email that we receive everyday. We in fact was confused the scope of ringtones from this top chart series, because this thriller doesn’t have much of importance for music or melodramatic situations in it. But once the collection of Breaking Bad ringtones started with help of some good hearted and real fans, we understood that there are some great ringtones in this series. Thanks to the fans and producers.

About the Series

Breaking bad talks about the life of Walter White starred by Bryan Cranston, who is a high school chemistry teacher. White is a lungs cancer patient, who has decided to get into the drugs industry using his knowledge in chemistry. The only aim of White is to make enough money to secure his family’s future, before he dies of lungs cancer. This is pretty much the story line of this action packed thriller series.

The other major characters in this series are Jesse Pinkman, a former student of white, who helps him in all the drug dealing activities, this character is starred by Aaron Paul. Walter White’s family includes of his wife  Skyler starred by Anna Gunn, Walter Jr and Holly are his two children, whose roles were done by RJ Mitte and Elanor Anne Wenrich respectively.

5 Rare and Unknown facts about Breaking Bad

  • Vince Giligan wanted to create a series where the protagonist becomes the antagonists and that’s how he started writing Breaking Bad.
  • The show’s title ‘Breaking Bad’ was inspired by traditional saying or phrase, which has several broader meanings like ‘raising hell, defy authority, break the hell ..etc.’
  • In reality Giligan got the concept of breaking bad, during a casual talk with his friend and fellow writer Thomas Schnauz about their jobless life and they even joke about putting a meth lab in the back of a van and driving around the entire country to make some serious money.
  • Breaking bad has received several awards and recognition from different authoritative sources. One of the notable is the listing of top television series of 2008,2010,2011,2012 and 2013 by American Film Institute.
  • There is a scene n which the hero Walter throws a pizza angrily on his roof after his wife denies to open the door. Fans of this series started mimicking this scene by throwing pizzas to the real house’s top. When the house owner came up with complaints series creator Vince Gilligan had to publicly request his fans to stop doing this.

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Enough of facts, now lets get in to the biggest ringtone collection of Breaking Bad, and enjoy the free download.


1. Breaking Bad – Jesses – Mp3 Ringtone Download

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2. Breaking Bad Theme Music MP3 Ringtone

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3. Breaking Bad Background Score MP3 Ringtone

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4. Breaking Bad – Say My Name Mp3 Ringtone 

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5. Breaking Bad – Music Remix MP3 Ringtone Download

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6. Breaking Bad – Money Mp3 Ringtone Download

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7. Breaking Bad- Little Biatch – Mp3 Ringtone Download

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8. Breaking Bad- I am the danger – Mp3 Ringtone

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9. Breaking Bad – Hello Kitty – Mp3 Ringtone Download

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10. Breaking Bad – Free Style Meth Lab – Mp3 Ringtone Download

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11. Breaking Bad  – Bon Fire – Mp3 Ringtone Download

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